Hi, how are you? Good I hope!

Welcome to Ascom’s Access All Areas blog site! We’ve set this blog site up so we can share the real culture of Ascom (UK) Ltd with you in an informal way. Not only will you find great videos about our solutions and products but you’ll also be able to meet some of the people that make Ascom tick.

Please feel free to look around and if you want any further information or have any questions our website is only a click away.
If you like our blog or anything you see, please share it, spread the word, communicate it out! Let’s do this!

Have a great day!
Hiral (the crazy, curly-haired marketing girl) and Richard (the very tall techie bloke).

Take a look at our introduction video…it was fun to film!
Hiral Chavda and Richard Spencer introduce a news series of videos that will be coming out every Friday Eve! Ascom’s Access All Areas videos will look in to our solutions and products across our industry segments as well as introduce our Ascom family to you!

We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we have enjoyed filming it!

Transcript of video:
Hiral Chavda: *Running in to screen view* wait for me, wait for me! Hello and welcome to Ascom’s Access All Areas.
Richard Spencer: A selection of videos about our products and solutions throughout our industry sectors.
Hiral Chavda: Wait, I thought they were a selection of videos about our staff and introducing our staff to our audience.
Richard Spencer: No, it was definitely about our products and solutions.
Hiral Chavda: Yeah, but that’s so unfair, I think we need to compromise here.
Richard Spencer: Okay, so what do you suggest?
Hiral Chavda: I think we should do both, I think we should do products and solutions and talk about how crazy the Ascom staff are. *winks*
Richard Spencer: Okay, let’s go for that.
Hiral Chavda: Okay then, hi-five?! *putting her hand up*
Richard Spencer: *thinks about whether he will respond* No.
Hiral Chavda: Go on?
Richard Spencer: Oh, Okay.
*They Hi-five*
Hiral Chavda: Yay, Okay. Stay tuned for more, thank you!
*Richard, winks and points at the camera*
*Both Hiral and Richard start laughing*


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